Photo by Bar Gordon

Photo by Bar Gordon

Photo by Bar Gordon

About Us

Tel Aviv University students are used to the unique sounds that are heard from the Wolfson building on Thursday nights. There, in between the classrooms and the labs, there plays a wind orchestra of about seventy players. This is the TAU Wind Band, which was founded in 2007.

The orchestra was established as a musical home for Tel Aviv University students, which it provides for students of all departments, from medicine to social science.

The band’s repertoire spans from classical to modern. Some pieces are so modern they’ve premiered with the band. We mostly play our concerts at Tel Aviv University, with some performances around the country.

The band is a social club sponsored by the Tel Aviv University Student Union. It is explicitly non-profit and the players all play voluntarily. All ticket sales go towards the continued existence of the band.


Conductor: Uri Reisner

Manager: Saar Ben-Shamai

Managing team: Ori Dagan, Adi Lichtenstein, Ella Lion, and Hadas Yeverechyahu 

Founder and first manager: Yaron Karmi


Tel Aviv University students who play percussion or a wind instrument are encouraged to ask to join the band.